CMAPS Corporate Transition

CMAPS Corporate is a smart solution:

Able to deliver when other providers have failed, CMAPS breaks the mould and offers a high value and necessary exiting employee ‘wellbeing’ proposition. Executives are genuinely partnered to their next professional chapter.

The job market continues to change and the providers of transition support existing today continue to trade on outdated methods with questionable added value to their participants;  often prioritising operational convenience over and above the wellbeing of the individual or group participants.

Our focus is in providing relevance to the individual in support of their immediate and future wellbeing, sustainability and security.

CMAPS Corporate is the smart solution and offers:-

  • Professional reputation management of your executives and your business through the whole transition experience
  • Focuses on re-positioning your exiting executive back into the market place succinctly in a reputation led, cost effective timeline.
  • Positioning the individual participants with a positive future focus, thereby protecting your brand integrity and minimising the otherwise real threat of periphery attrition.

We focus on, and provide to our clients ‘accountability’ on our part to deliver them back into a market place where they will, and do get results. All the while providing them with a future landscape focused on their own sustainability and security.


Outplacement - Re-engineered.

Reinvented for the modern professional work place and the dynamics of the ever changing local, national, global job markets

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