CMAPS for Executives

CMAPS is a discreet, discerning service for executives.

CMAPS Executive works solely for the individual and provides ‘risk free’ introductions through market intelligence and research on your behalf with the aim of heightening your brand, network and access to relevant opportunities.

We don’t rely purely on your network or ours but a combination to include the development of a relevant future facing network aligned to your professional aims.

We are accountable for ensuring we provide the right focus and steer as mutually defined and agreed for those professional executives who engage in our service.

Clients including:- Chair, CEO, MD, NED portfolio, Director / head / senior manager across interim, contract and full time technical disciplines and varied sectors.

As the market continues to become more competitive and fragmented many may find themselves in unfamiliar territory. We offer individual services to counter this growing reality of benefit to current, mid- term and longer term security and sustainability.

  • We train you to do the ‘tapping’ on the shoulders – Our IP delivered via 1/2 day and full day training courses with tailored support periods focused on what you need and what is relevant.
  • We can do the ‘tapping on the shoulders’ for you with discretion and at no risk to your personal or professional brand; heightening access to relevant and engaging opportunities and future network advocates.

We are the next evolution across all current resources available to you. We are not:-

Career Management, Outplacement, CV writers and similar...

We are:-

The next evolution of recruitment and head hunting for those individuals who are not getting what they believe they should from the 'traditional' job search routes and methods.

We focus on what needs to be done in justified and agreed form to make the difference. A sound and results driven investment for the professional of today and those aspiring.

Take control of your next professional move. CMAPS puts the executive and not the recruiter or onward employer at the center. A service for those in transition and also for those in role who prefer to plan, to be in control and to have security through choice.


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