Corporate Cream

CORPORATE CREAM: For in role and mid term future horizon planning providing professional security and well being. Corporate Cream embeds renewed success, leverage and invigoration for the individual’s benefit, thereby enhancing and benefiting the business and its people as a whole.

For individuals:

We offer a transparent range of membership levels, providing quarter by quarter flexibility to ensure you get the right support intensity, focus and results when it matters most.

  • Could you benefit from enhanced security and sustainability; insurance for your future welfare?
  • Could you benefit from continuing to build your future relevant network in a marketplace of lessening employer security and more dynamic and changeable working environment?
  • Could you benefit from ensuring you are on the right radars to gain access to the right future opportunities?
  • Could you benefit from a mentor and sounding board which puts you at the centre around key stages in your professional career - during the earliest stages of role and or employer transition?
  • Could you benefit from tactical and strategic introductions able to enhance your professional success, reputation and brand?

For Businesses:

Our processes can assess and develop the following leadership attributes at both a team and individual level, through a variety of tailored programmes aligned to the business strategic vision:

Employee Wellbeing, Mindfulness.

Succession Planning, Spirit of Competition, Making Tough Time Pressured Decisions, Authenticity, Language and Leadership Presence.

Competitor Mapping, Pressure Decision Making, Speed of Thought, Networking and Stakeholder Group Creation, Hunter Gathering, Collaboration.

Reputation & Brand, Inspiring Others, Public Speaking, Being Natural and Honest, Horizon Planning, Visioning, Empowerment, Creativity.

Having Fun....


Corporate Cream for business leaders who understand the multiplier opportunity from an engaged and aligned workforce; one both accountable to a business and themselves for their own professional career welfare.



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