HR HudsonRawcliffe


HR HudsonRawcliffe source and present the right interim, contract and permanent talent to solve your Business Critical Problems.

Described as a welcome disruption, re-engineering useful elements from the existing marketplace of niche Management Consultancy, Interim Management, Executive Head Hunting and Contingent Search service into an appropriate re-packaged form.

HR HudsonRawcliffe standout because we are able to;-

  • Provide a service relevant and fit for the need rather than an 'all or nothing' rigid framework
  • Understand strategic plans
  • Bring the right talent to the table for consideration
  • Assess, recommend and align emotional intelligence not just a technical competence fit
  • Access any client competitor audience
  • Access those most capable of answering your problems and providing solutions

Our active joined up networks inject speed into the above service proposition setting us apart from many of the more traditional providers who justify value by accrual of time or overkill, rather than time based delivery against what is needed.

Combined, this enables us to solve business critical problems; - the supply of the right interim or permanent talent at the right time able to make a deliberate and appropriate contribution.

Even our fee structure is unique to the sector. We can guarantee that our fee platform will be more attractive than your PSL terms for comparable talent supply.

We ensure you maintain control and choice on your greatest business asset; Your people!

HR HudsonRawcliffe a provider to your business in good and bad times allowing us to manage and present ‘best fits’ for and to your organisation at all times.


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