Outplacement & Transition

Businesses as employers have a duty of care. That obligation remains beyond the positive period of their employment but also across the entire contractual obligation periods of severance.

True, not all employees are likely to have a sustainable future within the business but, mindfulness of the employee welfare and protecting employer brand are critical.

74% of our participants have come from the traditional providers;- many of whom blame their former employer for procuring services offering little relevance or value. The threat of Vault, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and so on are real.

Put yourself in their shoes....

Our offer not only fulfilsĀ the employer obligation but re-positions those exiting individuals with the forward view, resources and support that enables them to achieve a successful transition in weeks rather than months.

Our Outplacement & Transition programs have been delivered successfully to participants cited across the globe who have been transitioning locally and globally.

Calculating the personal financial cost of unemployment?

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