Career Success & Job Search Prowess – Have you a road map?

George Bernard Shaw must have had a ‘crystal ball’ when he wrote that.

As leaders we are constantly about change and mobilising people in the right way, with the right road map, armed with the right information always towards the right destination.

So why in a job search are we as leaders very different? Why do we spend so long (as George Bernard Shaw intimates) with almost a ‘dogged determination’ to prove him right! Job boards, recruiters, search and selection, backward facing networks all supporting ‘after all, all roads lead somewhere’. Time should be of the essence, and most of all CONTROL in what we do for 65% of our life cycle, how much we enjoy our day job and what we get paid for our IP. It all starts at the entry point – what job and where is it?

Create our own road map and chose the right roads leading to the right destination for you. Cut out the noise and eradicate the ‘famine from the feast’.


Author: Jo Rawcliffe 

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