• When traditional search & in-house recruitment fail : Supporting a Bank to appoint its CEO

    When traditional search & in-house

    Background: A prominent teir 2 financial institution  had long been aware of its impending need to appoint a new CEO...

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  • Invited Speaker : ICAEW : Avoiding Personal Professional Obsolescence

    Invited Speaker : ICAEW : Avoiding Perso

    Background: Of the 146,000+ member accountants, a growing number are becoming more aware as to the growing reality of becoming...

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  • Invited Speaker : IIM Institute Interim Management : Removing assignment famine

    Invited Speaker : IIM Institute Interim

    Background: Of the 14,000+ UK members a growing reality had been brewing for some time;- that of inconsistent work being...

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  • Global Energy Business – Recruitment Transformation Project : 8 month Programme

    Global Energy Business – Recruitment Tra

    Background: As part of validating our theory and IP, we needed a live case study and were invited by the...

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  • CMAPS : How to secure TOP jobs in the UK

    CMAPS : How to secure TOP jobs in the UK

    Contrary to popular belief, job boards and recruitment companies do not hold all the keys to senior opportunities. Nor is...

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