Does the Network & Introductions Program provide introductions and access the job opportunities as well?


On an individual basis, we agree on the needs and wants for our client.

In many cases that usually includes:-

  • Access to available and relevant vacancy opportunities
  • Key decision maker introductions
  • Introductions and contacts of use for networking to understand and acquire market intelligence
  • Specific research  in line with and in support of where you are heading

At the outset, we define, what is realistic, how the project relationship will exist, in order for it to be workable as some clients are 'in employment' and others are 'in need of employment'. So, the momentum, fee and support vary to support the individual need, project timeline and coaching requirements.



Who pays for these services?


As indicated by the service offering headers:

If YOU see value and need in Career Education & Control or in Network & Introductions then the onus to invest sits with YOU. Investing in yourself, to back yourself in order to provide yourself with the learning and competitive edge to maximise the future options available to you.

If however, a BUSINESS sees value in you attending such then, they may be open to part of fully funding your participation.

The services as indicated as BUSINESS are of course services specifically focused on a broader employee group and strategic or operational need. The commercial agreement would be one existing with the BUSINESS.


Network & Introductions. Do you need to be permanently employed to be on this program?


Whilst many of our participants follow this program following the Career Education & Control course, the current situation of our clients is fluid. Some are in permanent or interim roles looking to plan and build that new network through which they will realise the right next opportunity. Whilst others are currently unemployed who recognise the value and need to grow their networks in a meaningful way.

You never know when you may need to call upon the assistance of someone who knows you and rates you. True networks take time to truly build;- consider for example how long it took to procure your existing network. Have you got that amount of time again, to build the one you need?

Morphosis Partners Network & Introductions fast tracks and builds that future relevant network with your aims and intentions at the centre.


Career Education & Control: Who takes up these courses?


Traditional Job Search methods can be very cumbersome and leave the job seeker very frustrated, disillusioned and frankly indifferent about the providers they perceive as being there to help.

Whilst, we can't offer guarantees in regards to a specific job search outcome, we can highlight and share with you our historic successful outcomes. Individuals from all corners of the globe and varied stages of their career.

Additionally, those who participate in our programs and courses are assessed by us, to ensure, those we work with are those we are most likely to secure a successful outcome for. That, however, does not mean we 'cherry pick' and select the easy clients.

74% of our clients had taken up services from other providers like Career Management, CV Writing, Career Strategy Advisers, Outplacement and recruitment and gained no success. With that extending timeline of unemployment and to varying degrees 'burnt bridges' of applying the wrong approaches, you could say, we have been the last option for some of our clients.

The perfect client, of course, is one who recognises their talents as not being Job Searching but their day job technical skills set and focuses early on acquiring that education and knowledge.

Our methods are proven and work, irrespective of the position you are in. We simply listen and define a plan and provide the resources needed to provide the edges needed for a future successful outcome.


Is the Career Education & Control a Career Management, Outplacement or Coaching Service?


Absolutely not!

If that were true, why have 74% of our individual clients been former recipients of Career Management, Career Strategy, CV Writer and Outplacement services?

Because they did not work and what they hoped/thought they would get versus what they actually got and needed were very different.

We deliver in weeks what the traditional providers either fail to deliver. Finding yourself in a Job Search situation may not always be something you have planned. So being pre-prepared is essential to maximise your ability to convert sight of an opportunity to an engaging and rewarding role for yourself.

We are the only provider who is able to support you both in theory and in the 'live' situations.