After making a life-changing decision to leave an executive role in a Global organization following > 20 years service, my plan was to take a short career break before engaging with recruitment agencies.

I didn’t know it at the time, but a call was going to change my life. I heard this exceptionally bright, professional lady introduce herself as Jo Rawcliffe. Jo and I connected immediately. It was clear that I was talking to someone whom I could trust, connect with and was interested in me.

After a few unrewarding months applying to advertised roles and head hunter meetings, it was clear that they were either not listening or simply not able to provide the access routes I needed to reconnect with my career at the right level and in keeping with my preferences and so the call with Jo was rather timely.

Following the call with Jo, I felt that I was ready to reconnect my career. Hence, I started working with Jo and Simon.

Their job search approach is quite different to anything I had witnessed in the past both in terms of outplacement and career management. Within 4 weeks of working with Jo and Simon, I had been educated and repositioned within the job market and had interest from 3 large global organization and 2 UK based.

After an exhaustive yet fully supported 14 interview process, I accepted a career leveraging role into a business high on my aspirational choices.

I am today thoroughly enjoying my role. I feel like I have started a new life and made 2 long term friends in Jo and Simon.

I cannot thank Jo and Simon enough. I would recommend their services to anyone. It really has been a truly life-changing experience’.

Victoria, Executive Global Alliance Partner

I had been job searching for a long while on my own without any success. In order to try an change my approach, I had worked with a couple of recruitment 'experts'. These were experts at getting paid and after filling questionnaires writing a few letters for them to review nothing happened.

In reality, I was going around in circles when I found out about Morphosis Partners.

First, they 'interviewed' me to see if they could help me. A totally new approach and they could have turned me away.

How I summarise them and what I got. Best described I feel as;-

Focus: In all aspects, they never ever lost sight of the end game and they always focused on me as an individual. Whenever I hit a block they always developed paths for me to follow that got around these blocks. Having them backing my corner, to keep me on the correct track in totally invaluable. The tact they showed when I deviated was really welcome. I worked with Morphosis Partners at a hard point in my career, so having someone focus on you and treat you with respect is really un-quantifiable

Understanding: They invest a lot of time. They developed a great understanding of me, my career history, skill and where I wanted to be. This was much more than a multiple choice questionnaire process. This was gained via face to face discussions not in an informal office but in an informal conversation over a great coffee. They knew this immediately started their process with me at the centre. Their understanding of me grew and they adapted accordingly. Again a unique experience as compared to other providers.

Support: They gave excellent and very personal support. They are always able to arrange call and video call at short notice and did not let me slip on anything I agreed or needed to do. They are really great conscience to have, my own conscience would have let slip. They talk me through down times and brought me back on track

Reach: Brilliant at showing how and who to reach out to thereby not only extending my network but really helped me in my job search. Everyone has an existing network and here they excelled in how to analyse and organise my contacts in order to make better use of them. Once organised, they showed how to overcome the barriers to reaching out friends, business colleagues and newly identified people I was keen to know.

Research: Once opportunities had been identified, research hones in on the key areas of synergy and alignment, and that is really second to none. Others talk a nice story of what can do but rarely delivery. Morphosis Partners delivers. Their research leads straight into development of the hook that interests and allows doors to be opened and relevant opportunities, like the one I have secured to be found and competed for successfully.

Knowledge: The knowledge possessed which is backed up with a wealth of practical experience is something I have never come in contact with before. They are also extremely capable of putting this acquired knowledge to use, which I have personally benefitted from. Their knowledge and experience gave me confidence and a successful outcome. In fact working with Morphosis Partners brought me back to my old level of confidence.

Passion: This is one trait that is never invisible. They have a great passion for what they do. They have seen first-hand how others in the market behave and have taken an active stance not to be the same in order to provide a service without equal. They are not only passionate about what they do they were passionate about helping me achieve my goals even when presenting to them the challenges I had been facing over a previous couple of years that other providers had been unable to solve. To make sure I could achieve they went to great length to make sure my goal were actually achievable. No-one had ever sensor checked that before. Their passion is infectious, as is their confidence.

Morphosis Partners did not promise me a job. But to get that job you need someone fighting in your corner, with the experience and resources and commitment to you. Trying to search jobs without support for me became soul destroying.

Working with Morphosis Partners made me review what I had done before, tear it up and start from scratch. The work Morphosis Partners do and what they did for me gave confidence, belief in myself and great tools to achieve, and I did.

Steve , Commercial Product Manager

Hi Simon and Jo,

Have you heard of the Cheshire Cat? Well right now, I look like him!

And millions of thanks for all your advice, research and directional support. I have used many of your suggested anecdotes, translating them into answer frameworks to overcome the danger questions. This made the delivery slick and convincing. As I said to Jo today, I could not have done it without Morphosis Partners. Absolutely not!

Probably one of the best ways to invest in yourself professionally! Through career security, I am able to have and maintain security and wellbeing elsewhere in my life.

As in Edith Piaf song - Non, rien de rien je ne regrette rien. Absolutely fab!

So thanks again for all your hard work.

Patricia , Commercial Marketing Director

I think this really hits the mark. Very clever!

Wim, Strategist & Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship