Available? Actively Seeking? Looking For Opportunities?

Available? Actively Seeking? Looking For Opportunities?

Only 15 years ago the average person when looking for a role would have been competing locally with other local talent. They would have viewed the advert in a broadsheet newspaper or professional / industry publication or been flattered to have received a call from a recruitment professional.

Then came JOB BOARDS and then came SOCIAL MEDIA and with that the proliferation of the in-house recruiter!

All of this and its associated processes have created layers of removal between YOU and the key person you are most keen to be sat in front off. All of these gatekeepers act as a de-selection filter vehicle meaning the busy decision maker is far less of a participant in the selection process.

The tick box exercise is what we all too often see. An often faceless process where out from the ether comes ' thanks, but no thanks' statements leaving us feeling rather deflated and undervalued.

This has irreversibly changed our landscape and what this shift tells us is quite simple. The world of work and how businesses source professional talent is changing.

For continued professional success in this landscape, you too need to adjust your game plan to align. Do you know the new rules of the game? How well versed are you on the new realities of cutting through all this noise and making the best use of the rich resources available to you which did not exist only a few years ago.

In one sense resources such as Linkedin spoil us. Where else can you check in on the backgrounds of more than 450 million professionals! Why do you think so many recruiters are on it? The danger, however, is you get lost in it all and become daunted by it or simply use the rich resource poorly and fail to gain the value from it.

What all of these new interventions are doing is desensitising us to the central fact that hiring is fundamentally a people centred process.

So, is the NOISE you see actually the new reality of how professionals move from one opportunity to another?

It is certainly a growing component and social media means every day thousands of professional profiles are being looked at and dismissed for consideration without you having a clue or even an opportunity to verbally present your case. Is this fair? No, but, it is a reality.

The good news however, is many thousands of professionals on a daily basis are called, opportunities presented to them and so opportunities are secured through this method but often these people are approached rather than them gaining sight of an advertised vacancy which they have chosen to respond to.

So, why are they getting the call and not you? There is no magic single answer but Morphosis Partners can offer insight, able to determine why it is not working for you. Where the strengths and weaknesses of your proposition and game plan exist. A number of effective routes exist for being in control of your next move and we can appraise and lead you through them all including the development and provision of a very deliberate future facing network of decision makers relevant to you and what you want to achieve.

Before you look to play the game, get an appraisal. That way when you choose to play the game and make that move you are in control of the board play and not the other way round.

Don't lose out and come second simply because you under estimated your competition and mistook your own professional subject competence for Job Search competence. They are two very different disciplines.

Author: Simon Hudson

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