Invited Speaker : ICAEW : Avoiding Personal Professional Obsolescence


Of the 146,000+ member accountants, a growing number are becoming more aware as to the growing reality of becoming obsolete to digitisation, automation and the 4th industrial revolution. Deloittes & Oxford University citing some 90%+ accountants functionality today will be replaced by software.

On recommendation, we were invited in to give a talk at their headquarters to members of the ICAEW board and executive individual and business members.

Approach / Methodology:

Understanding the backdrop Simon Hudson & Jo Rawcliffe delivered a thought provoking presentation incorporating practical actions, IP, anecdotes and real examples followed up with question & answers and 2 hours of networking on;-

  1. Avoiding individual professional obsolescence


  1. Transferable skills


Applauded and highly rated with many admitting scepticism to our likely approach initially but converted with a number c20% actively taking up interest in further understanding how Morphosis Partners and its proprietary methodologies can support their future sustainability within the first few days following the presentation and a number beyond both individual and in support of their teams and business.


We called this PROJECT: Avoiding Professional Obsolescence

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