MORPH/-OSIS : The act or condition of change in order to transform

in contrast to:-

Morphosis Partners : The Next Evolution – enabling individuals and businesses to succeed both nationally and internationally.

THE JOB MARKET has changed. Morphosis Partners provides a necessary disruption;- the capabilities all focus on removing the smoke and mirrors and fake noise often limiting business performance and individual professional success. 

What does that mean?

We have two customers; individual clients and corporate clients

What do we do?

Morphosis Partners provide the success factors for individual professional success during times of change across the career life cycle with specialist expertise covering:

  1. Primary activity with unlimited access to the hidden opportunity markets (unadvertised), coupled with expertise across the recruiter, head hunter and job boards landscape (advertised jobs).  Providing access to relevant opportunities across both and increasing your ability to make the right future career choices ‘from choice’.
  2. Network/corporate introductions to current and ‘future facing’ decision makers in businesses and situations of relevance. Strategically maintaining and elevating your professional brand reputation in discrete manner in and out of role, and not just as part of an active job search.
  3. Active introductions and positioning into mutually agreed vacancy opportunities regardless of source. In essence creating a ‘one stop shop’. Removing the second guessing and time tedium normally associated with a job search. Covering all ground.
  4. Alignment coaching and mentoring within live networking situations and formal, informal selection processes. Individual attention to researching on your behalf to illustrate your competitive edge/s.  Providing targeted, strategic support for the opportunities you want to secure RATHER than falling foul of a lack of preparation and competitor candidate complacency.

Morphosis Partners provide the success factors for corporate business success across the talent and business strategy lifecycle with specialist expertise covering;

  1. Active research, search and head hunting capability with zero off-limits ensuring you gain access not just to those actively looking but, actually to the best available talent able to deliver your future strategy.
  2. The discretion of search with the pace of contingency.
  3. Transition and severance of executives not part of the future plan, delivered with empathy. Thereby, minimising periphery attrition and damage to your employer brand.
  4. Talent mapping process audit and process implementation tailored to your future strategy and operational business need. Uniquely delivered at minimum forward cost and time of hire KPI’s and linked to future retention targets.

In short?

For individuals and businesses our services focus on providing commercial empowerment and control through knowledge and action. For both the individual or corporate business the net gain realised is a true competitive edge for sustainability in the modern economy.

Call it INSURANCE. We do!

Why now?