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Advances in global connectivity as part of industry 4.0 transformation left many businesses drowning in the data and noise of human capital management. The rate of change has been compounded by the global pandemic forcing a ‘rethink’ for many employers as employees become more empowered in a connected economy.  

During and after the Covid-19 pandemic, how you recruit, engage, retain and transition top talent has and will, continue to evolve.

Any Workforce Planning Strategy focuses on delivering the best employee experience from employer brand, attraction, engagement and hire. Moreover, an employers attraction strategy has to engage distinct generational identities, be able to stand up to the mirror of scrutiny from talent pools in high demand, and be consistent beyond appointment. 

Morphosis Partners empower businesses to move away from tradition with confidence and comfort.

Simply, if you relate to any of the situations below then we will be able to assist. 


  • Can you attract the performing employed talent from your direct competitors? Have you the brand positioning, virtual platforms and internal process to enable that?
  • Are you being proactive and creative in terms of your recruitment budgets and strategies?
  • Can you ensure the choice of your talent pool is able to meet DEI&B targets?
  • Are you confident you are attracting the right people for your business situation and cycle?
  • Innovation and sustainability require an understanding of other sector environments relative to your own. Do you have that knowledge of cultural, situational and skills transferability in order to make the right considered hires?
  • Attraction requires a real understanding on cultural alignment and generational bias. Do you know where and who your talent is, and how to deliver and implement a compelling attraction strategy?
  • Are you able to accrue savings on talent attraction to be redeployed across retention and transition as examples?

From our research the average business can significantly reduce time of hire (c30% on market research estimates) and cost of hire (c55% on market research estimates) allowing HR to deliver a commercial contribution to the ‘bottom line’ providing a ‘time back’ element. Time that can be reinvested into prioritised areas such as retention, employee engagement and development. But often, HR functions get drawn into the time tedium of an ineffective talent attraction strategy, and so are not able to capitalise on this opportunity.                                                                                                                      

Top performers/talent across the board are distrusting of job boards and their own recruitment/head-hunting dependencies. Their networks and yours may not be crossing paths. With over 760 million users on LinkedIn as example, are you able to ‘pull’ this talent onto your virtual radar and onwards to successful appointment?                                                                                          

With average employee tenure reducing, employers have to work smarter to ensure they are able to capture that return on investment achieving a win:win for both the employee and the employer.

Morphosis Partners are agile and deliberately make our commercial operating model accessible. We offer PSL beating terms and ‘no off-limits’ access to the talent you really need for transactional talent attraction. We can audit your existing talent attraction strategy providing a future framework with a commercial model linked to the improvements made. Thereby, sharing across the risks and gains that will keep your business employer brand ahead in the marketplace.