Our Story - The need and want for Morphosis Partners

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Morphosis Partners was founded because of growing disconnect between perception of where an individual or team or business wants to be and the reality. Combined with a growing realisation that current providers operating in the HR and people services environments were failing to provide a level of accountability necessary to lead the individual, team, or organisation to their desired destination. Morphosis Partners is all about YOU rather than operational convenience or misguided tie to out-dated or obsolete methods.

The clients we serve have one thing in common, a trigger (or Osis) where recognition of change (or Morph) exists.

Morphosis Partners recognised that individuals, teams and businesses looking to change their reality were wanting one thing that seemed unavailable from the existing provider market place;- Expert Practitioners able to back their own IP and impartially select and apply ‘right-sized’ methods offering real practical help which, when applied, are able to achieve the desired outcome i.e. solution, for a sustainable future.

Morphosis Partners take the word Partner seriously. To us, it goes beyond its legal and executive inference to also include establishing and retaining a true partnership with the clients we serve.

That ethos sits at the heart of everything we do.

MORPH – to change

OSIS – the situation, trigger or driver

PARTNERS – operating through a collective of expert practitioners, focused entirely on how to achieve the individual, team or organisational objective.