Why We Exist

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We exist because of the situations that professionals find themselves in with their career welfare, i.e. job opportunities and security.

MORPH – If you do not have the control, results and confidence you would expect from any interaction, reactive or proactive, with your own job search, then changing something will become a requirement. You are therefore likely to see value in our methods offering live practical, interdependent, proactive help.  

OSIS – A change within your situation orchestrated by you, thrust upon you by others and/or the circumstance.

Below are just a few of the reasons or triggers that our clients have found themselves in. These are the very reasons WHY we exist.


  • If you’re relocating or repatriation
  • Going permanent to interim
  • Going interim to permanent
  • Going management consultant to interim
  • Sector change – skills are transferrable
  • NED portfolio
  • Redundancies and outplacement
  • Challenges with your job search
  • Paid for career management services that haven’t worked
  • Social media – not knowing how to get results
  • Networking that brings little to your table of opportunities
  • Lack of confidence with networking
  • Head hunting and recruitment is not working for you
  • Job boards seem a waste of time
  • Applying for roles and not making the short list
  • Coming second constantly for the role you want
  • An extending employment gap that has now become uncomfortable
  • Excessive erosion of savings

If ANY of these situations are relatable to you, then you are very likely to gain a significant return on investment.