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Morphosis Partners basic premise, is to partner with a professional to insure his/her current and future career security; – a joint success through our knowledge, our job search tactics and in ‘live market’ partnering in your job search with you. Lifting your brand, reputation and ‘luck factor’, alleviating the ‘isolation and trauma’ of job searching by doing it with you and for you, impacting on your journey from your current situation to where you want to be.

As practitioners in job searching, and actively working the job market every day, we recognise the importance of not relying on ‘who you know now’ and the importance of being known to ‘those who need to know about you now’ suppliers, routes into situations that are right for you and ‘in live situation’ coaching to enhance your chances of being offered. 

  • If you’re relocating or repatriation – a need to align to relevant country labour laws, CV formats, social media and networks are essential.
  • Going permanent to interim – will require a new network of  ISP recruiters, online positioning and stakeholder networks who will accept you as they would an established interim.
  • Going interim to permanent – will require a new network of head hunters and search consultants, online positioning and stakeholder networks who see value and take comfort through this transitionary contrast.
  • Sector change – skills are transferrable. But, you will need to convey this contrast against other choices already known and  available to the business.
  • C-Suite to NED portfolio – will require the identification and curation of broader ‘inner circle’ networks where you will have to inspire confidence and convey your validity to acquire opportunities.
  • You’ve recently invested in professional qualifications and wish to capitalise on that – academic and professional qualification attainment helps to arrive on a new playing field but, here you need a new network, to learn a new ‘rule book’ and be able to compete for those lucrative opportunities against individuals who are already known.
  • Redundancies and outplacement – such services require you to interpret the tools and resources yourself and apply them yourself to move on. 94% of our clients had already experienced outplacement services.
  • Challenges with your job search – if it’s been going on too long then it’s not working. You need to decide to resolve the situation swiftly and effectively through expert help.
  • Paid for career management and job coaching services that haven’t worked – 74% of our individual clients have come from these volume-based, theoretical providers; need we say more?  
  • Social media and not knowing how to get results – in today’s landscape you have to be tech savvy to cut through ‘the noise’ and not get distracted by rabbit holes that benefit others rather than you.
  • Lack of confidence with networking – you need to elevate from collecting coffee receipts to gaining opportunities.
  • Head hunting and recruitment is not working for you – you must identify the right individuals in the right firms. But moreover, you must present to become the preferred prospect.
  • Job boards seem a waste of time – that shouldn’t be a surprise given the number of platforms and the ease at which candidates can make use of them. So, standing out is essential.
  • Applying for roles and not making the short list – if you’re not getting to shortlist then practise is not making perfect. Change needs to happen around the techniques being applied.
  • Coming second constantly for the role you want – in leadership this wouldn’t be accepted as a continuum, so change is essential.
  • An extending employment gap that has now become uncomfortable – what you are doing is not working and something needs to change fast.