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As employee retention and employee turnover have an immediate impact on an organisation’s bottom line. Morphosis Partners proposition can objectively assess what your business may be experiencing and cut through the myriad of options available. Lowering  your employee costs by retaining the right people for future needs, takes the employee experience to a whole new level.

The requirement for a holistic approach to employee experience in attracting and retaining talent, has been driven by several factors:

The Great Resignation – Employees are leaving organisation in their droves unhappy with their employee experience.

The war for talent is fiercer than ever before –  There is a real time disconnect between employer skills demand and the volume of currently qualified candidates possessing both the skills and the experience. Therefore, the employer either must work far harder to attract that talent or work smarter by evolving the skill set of their existing workforce to suit their current and future skills requirement.

The complexity of the multi-generational workforce – Companies need a deeper understanding of a group who feel, think, and behave differently to the generations before them.

Organisations are changing faster than ever – Digitisation, COVID disruption and other economic forces are causing companies to expand and shrink at a more rapid pace.

Expectation of personalised experiences – Employees expect they will be treated as a unique person, in the same way as when they interact with leading B2C brands as a consumer.

Morphosis Partners bespoke, agile, approach ensures your business operates with confidence across fluctuating strategic and localised business need, keeping you one step ahead of your competitors.