Morphosis Partners Limited is a disruptor business founded upon a depth of experience.

We are keen to talk to professionals, possessing competence and personality who are able to share in and inherently align with our values.


Current Opportunities:

  1. Associates and Freelance Professionals to fulfil and support our client delivery needs specifically in the areas of individual Career Education & Control and also our business Outplacement & Transition areas.

Must possess verifiable competence and experience most probably gained within the traditional outplacement and career management environments. What we deliver is a step change solution. A greater than 74% of our individual and business referred clients coming to us from those traditional service providers.

We are therefore keen to talk to those professionals who are keen to further develop their professional competencies whilst ensuring our clients continue to gain exceptional directional support.

Our reward scheme has been benchmarked and delivers upper quartile earnings for those who are both keen and capable to offer client delight in keeping with our contracted service obligations.

We are a growing community and would be delighted to have you join us.


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