When you need a helping hand to get you the right opportunity then look no further than Jo Rawcliffe and Simon Hudson. Having sought to return to a career in the UK my circumstance and challenge was one that the recruiters and headhunters seemed unable to assist me with. They were ticking boxes and seemed only interested in putting me forward for more of the same. Even then I existed as one of many and struggled to stand out. Nor was it really what my family and I wanted. I looked around for assistance, and having considered the array of CV writers, outplacement providers, career coaches and career management firms in the market realised I needed something over and above. When I came to Jo and Simon I had reached a low point having unfortunately invested in a career management service that gave me nothing, and so my timeline for needing a result was clear;- soonest!

Morphosis Partners offered a sincere and straight-talking assessment of my situation, offered realism and most importantly they put me at the centre rather than themselves. What can I say?- a job offer in just 3 weeks of commencement with them. Most of what I thought I knew about the job market was quickly thrown out of the window and having trusted in their expertise a pro-active door opening and introduction plan was set in place. They provided the items I needed to get a result. Companies, contacts, market intelligence and decision makers relevant to my aim and a range of tools and tactical guidance with each step followed. The roadmap was clearly presented and as a unit we were able to identify the opportunities and to align against them in the most compelling way in order to stand out and become the preferred hire.

Their triangulation method, cross-hairs methodology and dealing with the danger questions to stand out against internal candidates, those from competitors, and those already known to the hiring business really enabled me to stand apart from the crowd and secure that offer. For what they do, and for what I have achieved as an investment in myself, it has provided an immediate return but also I continue to work with them as I continue to build my network to save this situation from arising again. Others I found through costly expense talked about being able to provide the things I needed but, only Morphosis Partners ‘Career Education & Job Search Control’ delivered it. Committing to making the investment to gain the expertise was easy as I needed to resolve the situation I was in and the proposal I was provided with was very clear, both in terms of justifying what I needed and moreover in detailing the deliverables and associated timelines so I knew clearly what I was paying for and the expectations. I thoroughly recommend them …In just three weeks, with their help, guidance and sniper like processes I am back in my preferred professional arena – engaged and rewarded. I am delighted and cannot recommend their services enough.

Andrew Operations & Security Director