Prior to coming over from South Africa earlier this year, I was recommended to speak to Jo Rawcliffe. Upon arriving here I started working with Jo and Simon almost immediately. In a few short weeks they had completely changed my view of how I was going to get that opportunity and career foothold in the UK, even down to the way I use LinkedIn. Recruiters consistently told me that I would have to start in a much lower role as it was my first foray in the UK and I’d had a period of unemployment in South Africa ahead of relocating. Jo and Simon completely disagreed and we began my marketing campaign in earnest. To be blunt, the service and assistance overall that I received in a relatively short time was outstanding. I now have a role at the right level for my experience and ability and am delighted to say that I would not have managed this without the insight, knowledge, tenacity and focus of Jo and Simon. I highly recommend their service if you want to get a role that’s right for you in a timeframe that works for you. As a service it’s like nothing I’ve come across before and I guess that’s where the market advantage comes from;- not doing the same as everyone else and merely blending in with the masses.

Elmarie Finance Controller